Mentoring Group



Choices4Teens Mentoring Group is a community based after school mentoring group that empowers youth to expand and manage life choices toward achieving individual potential. We provide a reality based curriculum for middle school age youth to address various topics and issues related to drugs, gangs, and violence prevention. We are in alignment with Mass Mentoring Partnership to provide a quality based, culturally responsive, safe and positive group with caring adults from Law Enforcement and Mental Health fields.  

This non-profit organization was founded, by a former Mass State Probation Officer, in response to her research conducted on the behavior of youth between the ages of 11-14 into adulthood through the probation system.  Her assessments conducted on adult offenders who were involved in continued gang activity and drug use culminated from the risky behaviors they engaged in as a youth.  Choices4Teens support system for change is a mentoring network and curriculum that will provide positive reinforcement away from peer pressure and bullying to one focused on education.


Founder & President

Trayce Hillman

Choices4Teens Mentoring Group was founded in 2003 by MA State Probation Officer, Trayce Hillman, who volunteered as a coordinator of programming in its early beginnings. Ms. Hillman, has a B.A. in Legal Studies from University of Mass/Amherst and over 32 years of experience within the Trial Court and Choices4Teens Mentoring.